Paper, plants & engineering


KNAPP is a small Bristol based design and letterpress studio, founded and run by designer and printer Julia Gatley. Combining contemporary design with traditional and modern printing techniques, Knapp strives to create quality, hand crafted letterpress stationery that stands apart from the rest. 

With her roots in the Worcestershire countryside, Julia's natural surroundings have always been a fundamental part of her inspiration, in both her designs and the materials she works with. Using carefully sourced fine papers and inks, she endeavours  to maintain a considered, honest and sustainable approach to her work, whilst at the same time ensuring products of high quality and finesse. Working solo, her ability to oversee each and every stage of the design and craft process allows her the opportunity to take time, experiment, hone and perfect; to create something of worth in this otherwise ever-growing, fast paced world of mass production.

The name 'Knapp' was inspired by Worcestershire Nature Reserve ‘The Knapp and Paper Mill', of which it's historic ties to the art of paper making have largely been forgotten. With a nod to the past, she hopes to continue this thread of  local history in her own, if slightly different way.